Building a Pacer - or at least trying to.

Won an auction on Ebay for some unpainted Pacer bodies and chassis so I thought I would build me a Class 142.

I got stumped at the first hurdle. The Hornby service sheet for Pacers shows fixing of the trailing bogie with a small self tapping screw. Unfortunately the chassis itself looks as though it is designed to take a single fixed axle rather and a moveable one that would be better for running.

I should be able to cut away the part of the chassis that holds the single axle and then drill a hole through the floor of the chassis and maybe secure the trailing bogie with a small nut and bolt

Has anybody come across this and overcome it.


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I don't think pacers had bogies in real life - hence the bumpy ride on rough track.

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shows a pacer model, but it may be different to yours and it's not obvoius how the wheels are connected. I think if non-bogied axles were used it may have trouble cornering.


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On 16/04/2006 21:08, SquiddlyDiddly said,

I'm not sure what you're trying to overcome. You have the service sheet, so you can see how it all fits together. The "single fixed axle" is the driven one, with the motor/gearbox assembly, and the "moveable one" is the trailing axle that is allowed to pivot.

Why do you need to cut holes in the chassis? Perhaps if you could explain a bit more about what you are trying to do, we may be able to offer a bit more help!


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Paul Boyd


I guess I didn' explain myself too well. The Service Sheet doesn't show the underside of the chassis. It just show the pivot bogie and the top side of the chassis which has a hole in it for bogie.

But my chassis doesn't have a hole in it. It has two stays with grooves to take an axle so basically the pivot bogie just cannot fit.

I have since enquired of Modelspares and they say they have the different chassis which will take the pivot bogie. So that means the chassis I received are for the fairly new Hornby Pacers which have the fixed trailing bogie.

So hopefully, Modelspares will solve my problem.

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SquiddlyDiddly said the following on 19/04/2006 23:15:

Ah - I didn't know there were different chassis. I have a number of Pacer bits lying around, and all the chassis are the same

If you're still unsure once you get the "old" chassis, then just shout!

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Paul Boyd

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