Please help with Micro Train coupler conversions

Hi, I am still fairly new to the hobby and need some help with getting the correct micro train coupler conversions.

I have a Con Cor Bay Window Caboose (1251-A Santa Fe) and a Life Like 0-6-0 Steam Loco (7781 AT & SF).

The guy in the shop I bought these from said I needed conversion kit 1114 to convert the loco.

However, looking at the tables on the Micro Trains web site I am not sure this is the case.

Please can someone let me know if this is the correct conversion kit, and if not which one I need for the loco and also which one I need for the Caboose.

Thanks very much

Carl Oxford UK

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Carl, I'd suggest going to the Micro-Trains web site...someone did say that they had all the conversions listed there. Perhaps the shop personnel made a little mistake, or perhaps the conversion set was changed and there is an update.

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Steve Hoskins

Carl skrev i news:3f52181e

From my photocopy of the M-T binder:

Con-Cor, Caboose, Bay Window and Extended Vision, Body Mount Conversion:

1111 (modified, see instructions).

Life-Like, Steam, 0-6-0 Saddle Tank Switcher, Body Mount Conversion:


Life-Like, Steam, 0-6-0 Side Tank Switcher #147, Body Mount Conversion:

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Erik Olsen


Thanks very much for this. (so why did the guy in the shop sell me 1114 I wonder?)


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