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Hello all, Been a while as I have had to travel a lot for work recently, and can not get newsgroups away from home. Now back to the layout. I am building a reverse loop that will be a single track going over a double track. I am building the incline with Woodland Scenics 2% incline blocks (I in 20????). Like most, I am cramped for space so I need to build the decline as soon as possible after I reach the desired height. Question is, how long should I make the level section before the decline to avoid problems. I am modeling in 4mm and running mainly passenger stock all fitted with Kaddee couplers. Hope all are well Rob

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No, 2% is 2 in 100, i.e. 1 in 50.

You should make it as long as possible :-). And the change in gradient should be as gentle as possible.

I assume from what you say that you will be running in one direction only around the reverse loop. Obviously you will need to make the incline as long as possible (approx 8 feet to get 2 inches of height at

2%), but you can make the decline much steeper if nothing is expected to go up it, say 4% or 1 in 25.

I would make the level section at the top at least 1 foot long (the length of the longest item of rolling stock likely to run over it).

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John Sullivan

2 in 100.

The level section needs to be fractionally longer than your longest _unit_ of rolling stock at the very least. (if you have a vehicle in a train on both the upgrade and the downgrade at the same moment the vertical change between vehicles is greatly exaggerated)

It would be preferable to make a reduced gradient section of one unit length between your 2% and level sections. (this can be achieved using cardboard fillers at the bottom and by sanding at the top. I use a "Surform" rasp) IMO it is better to use a steeper main gradient and include gradient change easements than to have abrupt gradient changes with the minimum theoretical gradient.

Regards, Greg.P.

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Gregory Procter

Thanks John and all!!

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