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Dear all.
After reading a few earlier threads, I am intrigued by live steam (not
Hornby). I know it must be expensive, but I would like to know more. I
guess, UK outline, but what gauge (not interested in hauling people, but
bigger than O).?
What's available? Any websites.
Thanks all
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Rob Kemp
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"Rob Kemp" wrote
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John Turner
John, thanks a lot.
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Rob Kemp
hello Bob - some people enjoy 3.5 inch gauge live steam. To the best of my knowledge Hornby made only one train in this gauge, which was the Stephenson's Rocket. Nowadays a rare and expensive item, but then live steam is expensive! From time to time you will find one on eBay - I have one for sale but am not writing to do a pitch on you.... just thought you could throw the info into the necktopcomputer with the rest of the live steam info
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Google for an introduction to the cheapest entry - 16mm to the foot scale on Gauge O track. Big following and national assoc. Generally gas (easy) or meths (exciting) fired, but you can't beat coal fired for the smell.
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Ken Parkes
Thanks all.... Is there any difference between US and UK G gauge? As the track is available over here in the US Rob
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Rob Kemp
Phil: G Gauge is worldwide = 45mm gauge. However, the SCALE of the models used tends to vary. LGB European stock is notionally 1:22.5, whilst US outline is 1:29 However again, I think their new 'Standard Gauge' on '45mm G scale' DB models also look as if they /might/ be 1:29 - But I have only seen the pictures and 1 loco.
The SCALE is varying because the models (from other manufacturers as well) represent a range of prototypes from 600mm gauge through 760mm to 1metre gauge European to 3ft gauge (and otyhers?) in America.
Not sure about the live steam manufacturers - depends on prototype? US or Europe refers here to the model outline, not location of stock for sale!
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