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Hi all

A friend of mine has recently taken delivery of a 'Live Steam' Mallard and after wondering what to do with it he has decided to build a layout using the Live Steam Engine for his use and also, this is the difficult bit, to combine it with a 12v Mallard for his grandchildren.

So, as we don't think he can run the 17v Steam version at the same time as the 12v engine he is going to build a loop for the steam version to be 'parked' on and electrically isolated when the 12v system is in use.

I've been 'dragged' into this project to come up with some sort of electrically interlocked system that can automatically handle the change over of different types of system.

The last time I used a model railway was 40 years ago with my Hornby 'BO-BO' system with overhead catenary, so I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to current developments.

Before I reinvent the wheel has there been anything done yet on the subject of combining 'Live Steam' with 12v?


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Barry Higginbottom
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