Does anyone know what the livery of the LMS jackshaft diesel shunters (

1930´s) was? The pix I've seen make me think they might be red with Gold/yellow lettering but a B/W photo isnt easy to check out for colours:) ! Beowulf
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If Fowler's 0-4-0 diesel is anything to go by, it was black with white lettering and red crankshaft.


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The RTCS book on LMS Diesel gives Black as the livery, except for some of the early small Hunslets that were in service in grey livery.

There was quite a variation in the lettering used.


Tony Cane Secretary World War Two Railway Stusdy Group

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There was one of these in service on a secondary line in Tuscany, Italy until fairly recently (it may even still be in service), having been left behind by the British Army. The line is that between Arezzo and Pratovecchia-Stia, which also has a southern branch to Sinalunga- it isn't even their oldest loco, the honour being due to two electrics built in the

1920s. The passenger service, in contrast, is operated by modern EMUs. Stia looks like a stylised model railway terminus, partially in cutting, with a disproportionately large engine shed opposite the platforms and a small goods depot. Old stock wasn't confined to this line when we last visited the area, as the local FS station boasted a Whitcomb pilot that had been left by the Americans in 1944. Brian
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BH Williams

Black with red coupling rods would be the norm. Lettering could be either gold or straw colout from the photos in my books.

HTH, Mick

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