LMS Push Pull Coaches in BR maroon

hi, just biulding a model of the leighton buzzard to luton branch line and that includes biuding a LMS push Pull BTK.....a DBT...Driving brake third

i have done this cuting up two dapol LMS BTL non corridor coaches......but all the record / books i have seen show that BR painted the driving end Maroon....wheras all the early 1960's colour picture i have show the DBT on the dunstabvle branch with black driving ends

Anyone know when BR changed the end colour and was this the ends black on br(m) DBT in the Crimson days 1949-1957 as B&W pitcure of the wolverton branch seem to show black ends in the 1950's

the western and southern seemed to keep the ends maroon or green

Any maroon ended DBT pictures?

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Dunstable Dasher
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