Need help - what model rail mags do you read?

A very broad and subjective question but I need help
What model rail magazines do you read? What in your opinion is the best
Finally, can you anyone provide contact details for placing adverts?
Thanks in advance
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Mike Hughes
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Railway Modeller ("old reliable") Gauge O Guild Gazette Historical Model Railway Society Journal
All good in their very different ways.
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Andrew Robert Breen
It depends what you want.
The best modelling is in the Model Railway Journal. Even if we don't have that skill level it shows the state of the art and what we can aspire to.
But it's not for people who who run Hornby or Bachmann out of the box.
The bigger circulation magazines are obviously more popular. (tautology alert) so look at the circulation figures.
What do you want to advertise?
Buy one of each at W.H.Smith and see if the modelling content fits what you want to advertise and then compare the circulation figures.
Once upon a time these were displayed somewhere in the magazine in small print but they are also available from the Audit Bureau of Circulation.
Here is their page on Railway Modeller...
formatting link
But I suspect most people who buy that also buy the similar magazines.
If you are a cottage industry manufacturing something for a specific scale or railway you might do better advertising in a specialist society journal.
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Christopher A. Lee
In message , Christopher A. Lee writes
As many British outline modellers also model American I'm considering advertising the NMRA British Region in the model press. As always cost is a very important factors, especially as I have to get it approved by the Board of Directors !
That's why I want to find out what people read so that we can target the advertising.
Thank you all who have already responded please keep them coming.
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Mike Hughes
If you model the scene in the last 30 years then I'd say that Rail Express is the one to buy, although it a covers the full size "models" as well as our smaller ones!
Fred X
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Fred X
What about the web? I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't buy mags for one reason or another. There's any number of forums, info sites etc, both general and focused, out there.
Cheers Richard
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I'm from a generation where you didn't use book shops as reading rooms. It's something I never noticed until I moved to the USA 20 years ago and was surprised how many people would take magazines off the shelves, read them and put them back.
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Christopher A. Lee
They even provide comfy chairs to sit and read them, and a Starbucks for when you get a caffeine craving.
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I have a subscription to Model Rail, and every now and then I'll buy one of the others from the newsagent if there's something interesting on the cover.
The information is in all the mags themselves, so just buy one that you're interested in using and look there.
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Mark Goodge
Mike Hughes wrote in news:
"Model Railway Journal" "British Railway Modelling"
... and sometimes ...
"Railway Modeller" if I see it on the shelf, the other two are sent to me:-)
Buy (or take a seek peek in a newsagent) they all have their contact details in there
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Chris Wilson
Not getting caught out on that one again. Bought BRM this month cos said editorial by Simon Kohler, it didnt lie but he was just saying how wonderful BRM is.
Cheers, Simon
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"Mike Hughes" wrote
There's no such thing; some months one magazine is best, the following month it's another - in other words it depends on the month-to-month content and your own personal interests.
The only two magazines I take on an 'every issue' basis are
UpDate - journal of DEMU (Diesel & Electric Modellers United) and Model Railway Journal,
but the current issue of 'Railway Modeller' is excellent as its content appeals to me.
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John Turner
When I was a wee lad (before moving to the USA 58 years ago), I'd read the Beano in WH Smith and buy sweeties with the thruppence I saved.
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In the late 50s/early 60s my dad had a newsagent's business, so I got to read all the comics for free the day before they were delivered to the customers! Dandy, Beano, Topper, Beezer, Eagle, etc.
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