Need help - what model rail mags do you read?

Like Mark G' I have a subscription to HORNBY, and every now and then I'll buy one of the others from W H Smith if there's something interesting on the cover or a DVD for our son.
Arthur F's comment " Surely the whole point of WH Smith is that you don't have to *buy* magazines to read them... " is true for most mag's but many now have a plastic cover. The people in our local W H Smith can be a pain ..... standing in the way whilst I try to get a mag to BUY, so I send my boy in, he ask's them once to move then he just gives a push.
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Dragon Heart
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And the Annuals! Brings back memories. Early 60s I was in England serving in the USAF. Stationed just outside Swindon.
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Similar thing here in the USA with Borders Books. I have to use a cane when walking and find it most helpful in clearing an aisle in the magazine sections. This is only necessary when the comfy seats near the coffee bar are all taken ...
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That's one of my pet hates, personally I think WH SMith should crack down on the browsers as I for one do not to buy some dog-eared copy of a magazine which others have been reading. My local newsagent has the right idea, anyone he sees browsing gets asked to leave the shop unless they buy something unfortunately his range of magazines is limited (mostly womens mags, car mags and the "lads" mags) so for some of the computer and railway magazines I buy I go into Smith's in town.
I suppose I could get more of my magazines by susbscripton although there's always the danger they can "go missing" in the post - especially at the present.
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Kevin Lee
Lucky you. :-)
I currently read Model Railroader, Railroad Model Craftsman and occasionally pick up Railway Modeller if they have anything of interest, say on the Southern of BR(S). There are also some North America annual magazines that I pick up.
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Roger T.
Why don't you buy the one behind the one people have read, like everyone else does?
My local newsagent has the
Perhaps because people go to WHS to browse, and thus buy there, and so they can support a better range?
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Arthur Figgis
Ah, but I read the one behind the one that everyone else has read.
Cheers, Simon
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Railway Modeller and Model Rail. I used to think that the latter was the hands-down winner but Railway Modeller's come on a hell of a lot recently and seem to have put a lot of effort into modernising their design. Throughout most of this year, there's been a pretty solid run of NER/LNER related articles, including a number of layouts I've seen in the flesh.
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Graham Thurlwell
Kevin Lee wrote in news:
Ditto with mine - once upon a time, then I gave him a list of what I wanted and he for them in every month and put one of each by for me. Must be working for him as they appear to sell. But seriously newsagents *can* and if local "one man bands" usually *will* order in ones and two.
I always purchase locally from small traders if I can, and am proud of the fact that I have not made a purchase at any form of Tescos in nearly 15 years!
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Chris Wilson

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