New Year

Hi Everyone

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to one and all


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Bob Heath
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"Bob Heath" wrote

And from me too! :-)

All the best everyone.


53A Models, Hull.
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John Turner

Yes, it will be very happy if Hornby anounce at midnight they are going to do rebuilt spam cans as a surprise! Ok, I'll give them till 2006 to go with the Maunsell coaches!

Anyway, another good year for the modeller in prospect, Grange, class 60, two SR locos from Bachman (one day) and an even better one for the retailer???


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"piemanlarger" wrote

If Hornby and Bachmann NEVER make another Southern loco or any Southern emu it will still be far too soon for many retailers from that bit of the country north of the Thames.


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John Turner

There are Southern locos and Southern locos.

On one of my trips home I brought an American modeller with me, who sold Mainline, Hornby etc in his shop and who loved British engines. Who even had an Aster Schools class running in his garden.

His first sight of UK steam was the Q1 on the Bluebell line. You should have heard his disgusted "flown 5000 miles to see this?" so we got out at Horsted Keynes and waited for the next one - a beautiful SECR Wainwright engine.

But Sheffield Park reinforced his love of Southern engines - especially the S15. He can talk as knowledgably as any Brit about Maunsell engines these days.

But he refuses to run any Bulleid engine.

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Christopher A. Lee

Many thanks, Bob!

Not sure about the prosperous bit, if the current crop of decent N Gauge releases keeps up! Those SWT Turbostars and 159s look too tempting....

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See, Maunsell wont sell North same as Gresley dont sell South!!!

just 20 minutes left!

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