Newbie requires help: Desk for Track Mat (6ft x 4ft)

I have just bought myself a Hornby trainset and extensions A - E (Apparently
the full set?), with the default track mat. I have been told that a minimum
of 6ft x 4ft is required to lay the mat.
My problem is that I am USELESS at DIY so building a desk is NOT an option,
and I also do not want an ugly plain wooden desk in my flat, so I need to
find a 6ft x 4ft desk to hold the track. I have tried Argos, Ikea and
various other outlets and this is not a size of desk that is available.
What do you guys recommend? I will pay up to £200 for the desk if need be,
and it must be fairly decent quality with a nice finish on the legs etc.
I am in the Edinburgh area, any help is greatly appreciated.
Gary Whittle.
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Try Scale Rail, they do custom baseboards to set sizes.
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I have no connection with them apart from being a very satisfied customer. A 6x4 is about £80 there, £95 with legs. The workmanship is very good.
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Because its HUGE. A typical desk is only 2ft6 deep. I trust your flat is big.
Option 1 - find a custom furnature maker who will do cheap tables ('cos £200 is cheap for custom).
Option 2 - find a big dining table - Ikea will have something - , then add a sheet of board to the top, such as ply or MDF. The board will have to overlap in width by at least 6 inches each side because I doubt you'll find a 4ft wide table, but that will be OK. A large DIY shed will sell you the MDF cut to size. The weight of the board should hold it in place, but if really worried get someone to join it. If you want the edges finishing smartly, add picture framing timber to the edges.
Option 3 - dig around for someone offering custom baseboard building.
Option 4 - two identical small dining tables, one each end, supporting a MDF board.
Must be a few other ideas around...
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I'd say TRY 6x4 is not big is easy to do with SIMPLE tools of saw screwdriver and hammer
and to throw £200 at a table top layout is silly money
-- Regards Gray
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