MR and FR Signal Boxes

I am requesting a diagram of the type of signalbox built standard by the MR
railway which is common on the Settle and Carlisle route. Like so many who
have went before me I wish to model a layout based off the legendary
Also of great interest to me would be plans for any LMS standard signalboxes
or engine sheds, Furness Railway stations, standard FR engine sheds, goods
sheds and signalboxes and any other standard lineside structures of the
three railways.
If you don't have the plans, could you reccomend any publications where I
might find them?
Eric R Zadro.
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Eric R Zadro
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If you can get your hands on a copy of "A Pictorial Record of LMS Architecture" by Anderson and Fox (ISBN 86093 083 1 OPC 1981) then you get coverage of the buildings of the Midland and, to a lesser extent, the Furness railway which includes examples of their station buildings and their signal boxes.
IIRC, the Midland were highly standardised on their type of wooden signal box and examples would more than likely conform to one of their three phases of building of these structures. I also note that the Furness seemed to favour stone built bases to their boxes.
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Jim Guthrie
Start with these links
More here
Good luck Keith
Make friends in the hobby. Visit Garratt photos for the big steam lovers.
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Keith Norgrove
I think volume 2 of Midland Record had plans for an MR signal box. The following page gives table of contents listing for back issues of the magazine.
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An email to Bob Essery (email at the end of the above page) should confirm.
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Ashley Sanders

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