Peco CD annual

Has anyone purchased the new CD annual from Peco?

Their first cover disk was good, the second I thought was not quite so good and had a lot more advertising on it.

I enjoy the movies on the CDs, they are the only reason I would consider buying their disk, but dont want to spend £16 on advertising.


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Yes, I have bought the disk, although perhaps for different reasons.

As of 2003 the annual is in .PDF format, so I have bought it as an archive (.PDF is much more future proof than the .exe and .dll archaic programs provided on previous disks). This does however mean that the videos are incorporated into the acrobat files, and take aggessss to load, even on a relatively high-spec computer.

The videos themselves are quite good quality ... BUT .. only buy it for these if old chaps playing with 'O' gauge and live steam in the garden is your 'kettle' of fish :oP

Regards, Justin Colson

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Justin Colson

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