Pullman Bo-Bo Electro-Diesel

Our son has taken a liking to the Pullman Class 73 (Hornby R2516) !
The trouble is he's seen it in an old catalog and is now no longer
It is, I understand, an old Line tooled body with a new motor etc so I
hope to be able to get one in the 'Railroad' line soon ( Hornby say
not yet ). Why has this sold out and no longer available so soon ?
( Hornby say " Your request for this to return back to stock has been
noted and entered in to our future product database.
This database is where we obtain all future ranges from so hopefully
in the future we will produce the request that you've asked for "
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Dragon Heart
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It's an attractive livery which seems to suit the engine.
Have you tried ebay?
Or one of the better used dealers?
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Christopher A. Lee
I am not a fan of eBay at all and I was after a second hand Hornby not Lima as the Hornby model does have a better motor and is DCC ready.
Got a few more shows to go to this year so will just have to wait and see.
Thanks folks
Just wonder why it is still not in the catalog, I agree with Chris Lee " It's an attractive livery which seems to suit the engine "
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Dragon Heart
Been to see Paul recently ? We were there on saturday. He has some wonderful kit built wagons - mostly GWR though. I got a midland brake van and white metal cattle wagon - GBP 2 each. Going to have words with him cos theyve got P4 axles :-)
cheers, Simon
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Seems these days every model is made as a one off batch in China and that's yer lot, from the manufacturer's point of view they'd much rather underestimate demand slightly and sell the whole batch then end up with slow moving stock on their hands. Makes good business sense for them. Annoying if you miss the boat so to speak.
In the past I've found Hornby items that are out of stock at model railway shops are sometimes still gathering dust on the shelves of general toy shops that happen to stock a few Hornby products, so may be worth trying a few of them.
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