Scratchbuilding brick

Hi folks,
When making buildings from scratch using pre-embossed brick plasticard,
which do you find is the best way to represent the vertical / arched
course above windows et cetera, as seen here:
formatting link

I'm wondering what method I can use. I'm working in N gauge, btw.
TIA for any methodology...
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Jim M
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Jim -
About the only method available to you (as you've probably guessed) is to cut the shape of the 'brick arch' out of the embossed walling. After tidying up the opening, use it as a template to mark out the shape of the arch on plain plasticard. Having done that, scribe the brick courses on the pain card, cut it out and cement it into the window opening.... Of course in 'N' scale the bricks are about 1.5 x 05mm.. I do this in 4mm and (as long as the tidying up is okay) it works well.
Hope this helps,
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