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I'm installing some Ratio Security Fencing around some of my industries. The
posts are in place, the "barbed wire" has been strung, but how the hell do I
cut the "wire mesh" in a reasonably long straight line? For what it's worth,
the mess is a piece of tulle (I'm told), like what's on a bride's dress, and
won't stay still under a straight-edge.
Allan Brown
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Allan Brown
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You should have done that FIRST...
You didn't mention scale... but even for HO/OO, using "bridal veil" material is better - it's a smaller mesh. See instructions at the following URL:
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Select the "Links" item in the left column, then "Modelling Tips"... and "Scratchbuilding Chain Link Fence" from the listing. No matter what the scale, you can use these techniques to make the fencing.
Next time, put the fencing on the posts BEFORE you install it, and trim it after it's attached. It's MUCH easier to do that way!
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Joe Ellis
Very nice looking fences, Joe - thanks for posting your methods.
All the best,
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Mark Newton
Allan You could try folding it to make it thicker to hold under the straight-edge. Second method ... Put a piece of cardboard under the straight edge to "grip" the mess (mesh ??) Third method ... Tape it to the cutting mat with magic or masking tape and cut tape and all .... Tape should peel off after being cut. Next .... Have you tried using a guillotine ?? (on the mesh that is). Last resort ... Hire a seamstress .......................
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I found it easier to just use scissors to cut the tulle. However, I always cut it about 2 squares higher then needed and went back and retrimmed it later, as I was super gluing i to the fence.
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Craig Mackie
John Brown has long advocated gluing a piece of wet and dry to the back side of your steel rule so that it grips sheet styrene better when you're cutting it. I imagine that this would help equally well with cutting tulle. While you're at it Allan why don't you whip up a frock on the old Singer :-)
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Trevor Hodges
Hey there Allan :
Suggestion would be to soak the tulle in a semi-diluted mix of pva glue and let it dry. This will strengthen and stiffen the material and will be ready to cut and paint when dry.
Back to the models ... Rick White Wollongong NSW
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Rick White
Sewing suppliers have a rotating blade 'knife' that works very well on any material that moves when trying to be cut.
My daughter was using a cutter like this on a silk tulle that's much worse than the synthetic one we use for fencing.
Allan Brown wrote:
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Yeah, the best ones are made by Fiskars (the scissors people)... but they're useless for a fence where the tulle is already glued to it... unless you don't mind cutting the fence, too. ;)
It's still difficult to pre-cut it accurately over the length of the fence, though, even with the rotary cutter. Try taping it down to the cutting surface with _drafting_ tape (a less-sticky version of masking tape). Tape it over the whole length... it'll stick through the holes in the tulle.
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Joe Ellis
industries. The
Hmmm ..... there appears to be a couple of good methods. I'll try some of the taping ones over the next few days. Thanks guys!
Cheeers, Allan B.
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Allan Brown

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