Solid Fuel Tablets

I work in a hardware store and a regular customer as asked me if I can get
hold of any "solid fuel blocks" for him, they appear to power some steam
models, the kind I had as a kid, a captive engine that drives a little
generator and things...
The blocks appear to be like firelighter type material but are only small
perhaps 1"×1"?".
The gent cannot seem to buy these locally and I was wondering if anyone knew
a mail order supplier I could point him to?
Many Thanks
Tom Burton
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Tom Burton
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I remember this stuff, which I think was called "Metafuel", though a Google search on the name now seems to produce nothing relevant.
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Stephen Mawson
I used to use something similar for camping (warming up paraffin stoves) is this them:
A quick look around Google came up with 'Esbit' solid fuel tablets. Also you could try loooking up 'Hexamine' - solid fuel used in some camping stoves
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Kevin Fisher
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NewNet News
There's a solid fuel tablet the Army use for the personal stoves. I think its eco-friendly too. Try thr camping/climbing shops or the Army surplus.
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Les Pickstock
Mamod Spares at
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part MAM76
have them or any Mamod Steam Model dealer, but not a patch on the old liquid fuel units. Mike
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Mike Laine

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