T9 - How much will it be, really?

Just been to the Ally Pally show today, and saw the T9 prototype on display,
all looks good, but as Hornby have committed themselves to producing it in
metal to help with traction, I am just wondering how much it will cost
(either rrp or discounted)? With the price of metals having gone up, the
cost of production in China having gone up, and the Pound's rate against the
Dollar staying strong while the Chinese currency is pegged to the Dollar,
all seems to be pointing to a somewhat expensive locomotive... :-(
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Ian J.
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Shame Hornby didn't get commissioned to build T5.
I bet if they had there wouldn't have been so many bits of baggage going astray upon its opening.
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Brian Watson
"Ian J." wrote
Why should 'metal' be a problem? Bachmann have been producing locos with a significant metal content for two or three years. Their best model yet, the Ivatt 4MT 2-6-0 has a substantially metal body.
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John Turner
The cost of raw materials for an OO locomotive are negligible in relation to the over the counter price.
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Greg Procter
and the Pound's rate against the
Surely that mitigates otherwise: if the Dollar is pegged to the Chinese (Yuan) and the pound is up against the dollar, then either the new model will be artificially cheap, or Hornby will make shedloads of money, which will keep them going and import more goods (trains) from China, until the value of the pound sinks and the cycle goes around again.
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