Hornby T9 delayed

From the latest edition of Hornby Trade Talk:-

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The anticipated release of the T9 locomotive has been rescheduled with effect that the launch will now be in September. The original June date for the release of the model has had to be re-examined as it became apparent that additional tooling was required to cater for extra detail components, this coupled with changes to enhance the operating running characteristics of the model has resulted in the inevitable delay. Hornby do regret this delay, however with the addition of the extra features the overall result will be that of an amazing model and a fitting locomotive to head up a rake of stunning Maunsell coaches.

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John Turner
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Suits me. I'd rather have it right than wrong, and if that takes a couple or three more months, then that's not a problem...

Ian J.

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Ian J.

If anyone from Hornby is reading this - How does a loco "head up" a rake of coaches ? It may head "up north", or (unlikely) head a ball "upwards", but surely it pulls (or leads) coaches.


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Bevan Price

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