Tight Curves and Industrial traffic

I'm off to Sz=E1zhalombatta on monday, and having a bit of a poke about
on Google earth/Maps is quite interesting.
There is quite a smart looking station building at Sz=E1zhalombatta
Vas=FAt=E1llom=E1s , and a 2-track main line at what must have once been a
busy little station: the layout of some of the sidings can still be
made out.
At the Northern Western end of the site, a single track line deviates
to the North, then makes a couple of sharp curves in the countryside
to a shunting yard at 47=B019'58.40"N 18=B054'49.03"E at a power plant.
It just looked like a loft layout to me, with the station on one side
and the power plant on the other.
The double track line goes on to Budapest, but in the most rambling
and twisty way, considering how flat the countryside is. I wonder if
it was the rivers or the landowners that made it so indirect?
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