Very Cheap Jouef Industrial? Shunter

Has anyone seem these extremely cheap Jouef shunting locos? They have a
catalogue number HJ800100 and come with a wagon in a blister pack.
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You seem to be able to get the pack for under GBP 15. They could be
quite useful for industrial, or freelance locos, or perhaps as a chassis
for some other kind of project. Has anyone seen them run?
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Gerald H
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Not this one, but I had some Jouef back in then 80s. OK but noisy running. May be improved, but at 15GPB I have my doubts. The molding is obviously very simple (== cheap).
It's HO scale, you may decide that the wagon looks OK next to UK outline wagons.
HTH wolf k.
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Wolf K
The model is simple with no glass in the windows and no lights. It picks up current on all 4 wheels, and has a low top end speed.
The model is somewhat noisy.
A page about the model:
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1984 parts diagramme:
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Note that HJ800100 has the following changes from the diagramme: belt drive replaced by spur gears (one on the motor, one on the axle) no light rigid NEM pocket couplers instead of screwed on couplers
Ola Trygve Kvitle
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Ola Trygve Kvitle
On Sun, 25 Oct 2009 09:09:30 +1300, Ola Trygve Kvitle wrot= e:
Is it possible to obtain spares for old Jouef/Playcraft? I have an old 2-8-0 (1-4-0C) with a broken tender bogie sideframe. It holds the axles through it's springyness so it's not easily repaired by gluing.
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1. Has anyone detailed this model and if so can we some pictures. 2. Is there space to add a DCC module?
Peter S.
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Peter Silver

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