Web Site Updated

Finally got round to putting some photos of our layouts on the website,
So if you want to see some photos of Mostyn, Johnstown Road, Charlotte Road
and Widnes Vine Yard then visit
formatting link

Also a short article on how we converted the Hornby 50 to P4.
Thanks for looking,
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David Skipsey
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And of course it would help if I got the web site address right !!
formatting link
will get you there quicker !
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David Skipsey
Yes I like that website, simple and well laid out. Good stuff!
You might want to do a small version of your logo though, as resizing a huge one results in it breaking up; I can't even read it. I can e-mail you a grab of how it looks if ya like...
pester me, why not? whokid at flywheelnetwork . co . uk
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