What awful weather we are having

I have just looked at the 5-day weather forecast for this area, and it
is very wet until Wednesday. That is a great shame. I have just taken
delivery of a wonderful steam locomotive model, and I'd like to get it
running as soon as possible, and take a few photos so you can all see
what it is.
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Jane Sullivan
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No it's not, we are meant to have rain etc. at this time of year - after all it is winter...!
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Of course, that is only an issue depending on where you live... Right now, here in the south, it's nice in sunny, warm (relatively) and a slight breeze.
Of course, my railway is indoors, so my running is also independant of the weather, but time available to run trains does depend on the weather :-)
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In message , Ian writes
Of course that weather forecast was (as one has come to expect) wrong! We've had no rain at all today during the daylight.
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Jane Sullivan

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