AC Tig on Steel?

This is probably an off-the-wall question, but ...

I know that the standard practice is to use DC when TIG welding steel, and AC when welding aluminum ... but a recent thread reminded me that it is possible to TIG aluminum with DCEP. So -- is it possible to TIG steel (mild or stainless) using AC? What would the disadvantages be? Any conceivable advantages?

I've only done a little TIG welding, and loved it, but I don't have any sort of TIG machine available to me at the moment, so I'm just asking to further my welding knowledge (or in my case, to dispel some of my vast ignorance!).

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Andy Wakefield
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Less heat, less arc control.

None that I can think of.

To put this in perspective. Any TIG machine can do a fine job on steel running DCEN. It could be a 50 year old monster machine or a 1 year old inverter. It doesn't really matter. DCEN TIG is very easy from a technology perspective.

On AC TIG of aluminum, the newer the machine, the easier it is. It is as simple as that. A 1 year old Syncrowave 250DX is better than a 6 year old Syncrowave


I am not saying a new crappy machine beats an old great machine, but I am saying that DCEN TIG stopped evolving many years ago. It simply doesn't need to get any better, but aluminum TIG is still evolving and getting better and better with each new generation of machines.

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