ATV lift

I want to buy one. Any suggestions. Want to spend $100 - $150. A lot of them I've seen only have straight rolling wheels. Because I'm going to be wheeling it in a container, I need 360 wheels. Do they make them that way? Just want a decent quality lift. Saw one at Checker yesterday for $90, a

1500# rated one. Would like input from actual users.


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I've got the Sears variant of the lift , wife caught it on sale for a hunnert bucks . Harbor Fright is nearly identical , but replace all the bolts in the lift mechanism with grade 5's . Might have to mod the tee handle for close quarters work , but I use mine all the time to move/rotate a 700+ pound Harley touring bike . Also used it (with wood blocking) to hoist my (RF 45 clone) mill nearly 3 feet in the air to slide the table under it .

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Terry Coombs

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