FS -- Miller XMT 300 CC/CV, in Viroqua, Wisconsin

Won in a liquidation auction by mistake.
I believe that it is in a working condition welder, as it came from a
functioning company. But I have not tested it. Because it is far from
me, I would rather have you pick it up, so if you want to pick it up
from Viroqua, WI, the price is $550 cash. If this welder does not work
for any reason, you can send it to me and I will refund your cost and
cost of shipping.
These welders, if guaranteed good and tested, go for about $900-1,000
on ebay.
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Oh - just a day trip.
Gunner knows a guy who won one - two semi-tractors full of stuff! It was painful for the winner. Storage.
Martin [ I got some :-) ]
Ignoramus18994 wrote:
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Martin H. Eastburn
Well, I will have a day off and would prefer to use it differently, see ebay item
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for what I will prefer to do on that day. Plus the trip is bound to be expensive due to fuel and truck wear.
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Ignoramus18994 wrote in message ...
I kind of think you aren't following inverter welder sales on ebay. ebay sales are extremely variable in price. here is an example 360116063221 And a guarantee where you use a credit card is different than a guarantee when you pay cash. not all xmt 300 are cc/cv. On ebay many are sold as non working units one seller sold a lot of six non working units a couple of months ago. I have heard the problem is usually in the auto link but the 304 model has a better reliability record from other discussion groups out there. The stuff being used is generally good at a liquidation auction but generally the auctioneer pulls out the stuff from the back room with the plug cut off as well, stuff with plugs cut off generally aren't operational as purchased. If it has been unwired from a junction box it is any one's guess.
I used to go to liquidation auctions, the old copper bearing ones you only have to bid against the scrap guys a lot of the time and copper is down now. And if you get burned so to speak you can get your money back and a bunch of copper chill bars for a day's work. Well as long as the scrap yard doesn't give you less than they could.
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I lost the bid on that one.
It is actually the opposite. 300's are more reliable.
I owned one at some point, and sold a couple more, including one that I had to fix in a minor way (bought on ebay, fixed and sold again)
This one, I believe is a CC/CV based on picture, and has a plug.
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Copper has tanked dramatically and all "scrap guys" are now starving. It is very bad right now. Basically with current prices, it is not worth it (not much anyway) to disassemble old dirty machines.
A bunch of old 250 TS's sold for $25 apiece.
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