Got a grab bag of metals need help sorting it out.

How can I tell what kind of ferrous metal I have? I visited a friend's (large) scrap yard today. Picked up some long lengths of copper plate cutoffs about 1/4" square by 36". Some nice brass sheets maybe 1/32". A bunch of what looked like 1/16" stainless rod. The yard foreman put a magnet on it and it had a slight pull. I am not sure what it is really. Snagged some assorted brass fittings. Lastly a bunch of short thin walled 1/4" rigid steel tubing. I have no idea what that is either. Maybe chrome-molly? I've been invited back...can't believe it!. I'd like to get a better handle on what I will be leaving the yard with. Those guys are too busy to be entertaining my questions. The non-ferrous stuff is usually, but not always more obvious to me. I'll just end up brazing or soldering it. I'll try to TIG some of the copper just for fun. I am going to bend up the stainless? rod and weld it. The tubing I don't know what to do with...yet. I didn't want to neccesarily start firing on stuff if I didn't at least have some idea of what it was. Thanks,


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My search yielded this interesting page:

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