I am a weak, weak man ( new welder purchased )

My saga of getting a new welder.

I was going to replace my 110v wire feed so I have more duty cycle than I have right now, but then my tax return was bigger than we were expecting, then my neighbor asked me to weld him up some carts for his business. I thought this might be the time to get a TIG machine and learn do weld aluminum also. I had my eye set on the EconoTig, but heck the Syncrowave is only a few hundred more. I called the local guy this morning and he matched the price of the shop 40 miles away, so I could get it today. He called back later and said it would be Thursday before he could have it, but if I wanted to come look at the ThermalArc

185TSW he could make me a very good deal on the one sitting on the floor. Needless to say I bought the TA, and now am trying to understand what all the functions mean/do.

I look at the receipt and say, that's twice as much as I said I was going to spend, but I will never have to buy another TIG machine.

I hope I don't have to weld up a bedframe to sleep in the garage for the next couple of weeks....


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rod richeson
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"it's easier to get forgiveness than permission", she's cool down, (and you'll still have that awesome tig machine!) ; ) congrats! walt

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been there, done that.

Can I hire that sales guy:-) Al

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Yeah, I just did the same thing last month. I've been very happy with the ThermalArc.

Now you will need to call up Precision Products and purchase some consumables for the CK torch, stock up on your wire (Ernie posted a list of suggested wires a few months ago), and weld up a nice cart.

Have fun. Aaron

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Aaron Kushner

When you get paid for the carts, put some $$ in a nice card for the wife. One that thanks her for backing up your decisions.

To all who do side jobs for money, don't forget to give some $$ to the honey. Although, then it becomes a double edge sword, and every time she sees you strike an arc, she will note the time started, the time finished, multiply that by an expected hourly rate, multiply that by 60%, and expect that much. ;-)

All kidding aside, when significant others see that equipment can generate money, and they can enjoy some of the money, attitude changes quickly.

And NEVER, repeat, NEVER regret buying quality machinery or tools.


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YEH, YEH, YEH..........That is what I said too......hehehe

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