lincoln mig welders

I have a Lincoln SP-170. Is the Lincoln MIG Pak-15 the exact same machine ?
They replaced the SP-170 with the SP-175 which has infinitely variable
amperage but the mig-pak-15 seems like it is the same as mine. 5 heat
settings with max of 170 amps.
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The SP-175+ is the variable voltage version.
The MIG Pak 15, SP-170T and SP-175T are all the same. I'm pretty sure the T stands for Tap(s). I believe the Pro MIG 175 sold by Lowes is also the same and Home Depot used to sell one called the HDxxxx (I can't remember what 4 numbers they used) but they dont' show it on their site any more. The Weld Pak 150 is also the same but it didn't come with the gas kit.
I have an SP-170T. My neighbor has a MIG Pak 15. When I got mine he had an "air of superiority" thinking his was better for some reason so I compared part numbers and they were identical except for the decal/plackard on the front panel. :-)
Someone once suggested that the 15/150's were the ones that didn't quite pass the same quality control tests and that may be true but I doubt it. I think they just labeled them different to appeal to different groups of buyers.
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Keith Marshall
I got a SP 175 +, and I really like it.
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