MIG and non-stick metals

Can anyone suggest a non-exotic metal that MIG won't stick to besides
copper? I'm looking for a metal a little harder than copper to use
for a special guide that will be 'in the line of fire'.
Thank you, jimthom
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If you are welding steel it won't stick to aluminum.
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Tungsten is the only thing I can think of that you can't weld to, and that is tougher than copper.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Most of the bronzes.
Steel with a good coating of anti-spatter spray on it.
Copper plated steel. Copper is pretty easy to electroplate.
Titanium (buy your scrap in the right place and this is getting cheap)
Steel with plasma sprayed copper. I've just been using this as a decorative effect - hold a sheet of copper about 1/2" above the cleaned steel, then cut through the copper with the plasma cutter and leave a pretty well-adhered coatig of copper behind.
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Andy Dingley

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