MIG "nozzle gel" - worth it's weight

worth it's weight in gold? or maybe "worth it's in turds"?

do you use it now? never have? used to use it, but gave it up? use PAM instead? "just use vaseline", or other alternates?

what BRAND of it do you use?

the stuff worth buying? how come? what's the best brand? where's the actual comparison test? is this enough nozzle gel questions?

in all seriousness, guys, this info IS needed :-)

thank you guys :-)

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Ive used PAM for years, until I was given a case of gel. Now I simply dip the end of the gun in the jar and keep on keeping on.

Ill have to go out to the shop and check on the brand.

This stuff....

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Seems to work ok.

Pam worked good too. Shrug.


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Gunner Asch

Buy a pair of nozzle pliers. Buy some extra nozzles. Buy some four inch drywall screws. Get a short 3/8" dia. wood dowel.

Clean the nozzle before a day's use. However, cleaning it only bares the smooth copper, and provides a place for a new buildup. Cleaning can be done with a wooden dowel poked in there to dislodge the crud without cutting down to bare copper. Cleaning can be done with nozzle pliers. I like to use the

4" drywall screw, and run it in and out to knock the stuff loose around the inner edge.

That said, and back to your question, I have found that the gel works well, but you just have to spend a lot of time dorking with it. If you're welding in a production mode on two miles of fence, you will be spending about five minutes an hour, or 8% of your time. I find it just as easy to make a quick cleaning with the point of the screw and keep going.

When you DO have to take the nozzle off because of deep buildup, then's the time for a good cleaning, but again, you're into the five minute thing.

The distance of stickout you have will affect how much spatter buildup you get. Also, the shielding gas will.

I have found it easier to have multiple nozzles and tips, and just quickly change them when needed, and at the end of the day, clean the whole lot and get ready for the next day.

I think it all depends on how many hours out of the day you weld, also. There is no magic gel. Well, there is, but it isn't used for welding.



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