repacking the mig drive roll feeder GEARBOX (pix up now)

contemplating opening up this ol' MIG drive gearbox, and 'packing some
grease down in there'. reason being: parts *aren't* available for this
machine, EVER, so I need to give it "every best chance" for good, long
service with ol' bubba here :-)
ol bubba here, actually, isn't real sure the factory ever even really
DID use grease down in the gearbox, uhh, though. maybe the bearings are
all sealed, and the gears themselves just had some grease 'painted on'
their teeth, for all I know. OK, so who here -does- know? SPEAK UP, or
forever hold your grease.
pix of the gearbox start here, just click 'next' above the pic three times:
formatting link

so, uhh, what brand and type grease do YOU guys use when you're
repacking your MIG feeder *gearbox*? I'd think removing the four
allen-heads 'arranged in a rectangle' near the center of this image
would get the gearbox cover off...
formatting link

I've never, ever walked into a welding supply store and found "mig drive
roll feed mechanism GEARBOX GREASE" being sold. help an inquiring mind.
yeah, I know I could remove the allens easily enough. however, having
SOME idea what to expect PRIOR to (possibly) breaking, or ruining any
intact gaskets 'would be a PLUS'
*thanks* guys
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