Re: MIG External Wire Feeder

I've got an Esab MIG Welder with an internal wire feeder. Sometimes I need

> to use different wires eg. 0.8mm and 1mm wires. Would it be possible to > somehow attach an external secondary wire feeder, thus avoiding the need to > change the wire spool? > > cheers igor

There is lots of ways to do it.You can use the spoolgun tap,and switch it to the spoolgun setting to kill the drive motor.I hooked up a Hobart 2210 feeder to my 300 powermig the same way.Just to see if it works.It does fine.You can also pull the power off the wall for the extra feeder if needed,and only use the Machines closing contacts.Your main gun will still be live,so watch where you set the thing.

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