new TIG torch question

I assume one can run a water cooled torch on small amp projects without the water hookup?

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Very risky. A 200 amp water cooled torch can only handle about 90 - 100 amps without water and even that might melt the insulation.

An actual air cooled torch has a much heavier conductor and insulation.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Absolutely positively not, unless by low amps you mean less than 10A. The power conductor on a water cooled torch is also water cooled and vastly smaller than a non water cooled equivalent. Without the cooling water flow that power conductor will overheat and at the very least melt through the hose it's in, destroying the torch cable.

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Pete C.

I have a weldcraft 350 amp water cooled torch, and was told by a very reputable repair facility here in atl, not to run it without water in it, well my cooler had stopped and I said wth, I did one very small 30 minute aluminum job at about 70-80 amps and literally melted the connection inside the torch going to the handle and lost connection, had to replace the inner cooled cable

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