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A friend of mine is giving me a Lincoln "tombstone" arc welder that has been sitting in his garage for 15+ years (it needs the fan repaired). He also gave me several boxes of welding rod of the same vintage. I know the rod is sensitive to moisture. Is there a way to dry the rod out and use it, or should I scrap it. Would it be good for practicing (I'm a rookie weldor)? Thanks Mike M.

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It depends a lot on exactly what rod you have and what climate you are in. The cellulose based rods are fine as long as they are not rusty, the lo-hydrogen rods would be junk if not stored properly. See if you can get some AWS spec numbers off any boxes, compare them to this list

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There are some specific procedures for drying out some of the rods that vary with each type of rod. Thee is no "general" procedure.

Try runn> A friend of mine is giving me a Lincoln "tombstone" arc welder that

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Bend a few rods from each box into a U. If the exposed wire is not rusty, then they are usually OK.

Any 7018 rods will have to be baked at around 300 degF for a few hours before using.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Just got a hold of a nice stick heater. It was a discarded (dirty :-) ) convection oven - table top model.

It has a timer. It has a temp setting. It has 2 layers of heaters and racks with trays for rods.

And it is in the shop and all mine !


Mart> >

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Martin H. Eastburn

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