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Hi. I've been looking on Ebay for auto darkening helmets and have been contemplating buying an Optrel Satellite. It's much cheaper than what the stores in my area are offering. The company selling these helmets is located in the United States and I am located in Canada. My concern is this: in the description, it says that the 2 year manufacturers warranty may not be valid in some countries and that the seller is not responsible for defective products. I've contacted the seller, but this didn't really help to explain things. I don't want to spend $300 and end up with a non-working helmet. Does anybody know anything about this? BTW: the Satellite goes on Ebay for about $300 with a shipping charge of $10. The store is selling them for $399, which is a promo price. Their regular price is $475. With taxes, the cheapest I can get it from a store around here is $460. So, if possible, I'd like to get the one from Ebay.

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Contact the manufacturer about the warranty issue. Warranties are always with the manufacturer not the seller but most stores handle warranty repairs/replacement as a courtesy service. Note that if the warranty is good in Canada you may incur costs shipping it back across the border for service.

Your $300 cost is likely going to have about $45 PST&GST, $5. post office GST collection, $15est shipping added to it. If it comes by UPS and some other couriers you may be looking at about $30 brokerage charges so specify regular US mail for shipping or find out about all charges first.


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I bought a new Optrel satellite on Ebay for $240. delivered and it had a defect, the lower half of the lens would not darken like the top did. I called Optrell and they had had this problem before and they promptly sent me a new lens, seems like good warranty response to me. Call Uvex 800-343-3411 if you want to be sure they cover you across the border. Good luck shopping Jim

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Jim Moser

Bite the bullet and get a brand name. I shopped the NexGenEQC, and couldn't find it for less than $300 locally. My supplier wouldn't move a dime. Next time I was in my supplier, they had them for $240. I snatched it.

You get what you pay for. Now, you can find real deals, but I have always liked to buy brand name quality stuff. It lasts.

BTW, I love my NexGen, and wonder how I got along so long without one. Once you have one, you will know what I mean. I wear bifocals, and I don't have to move my head to strike an arc. I stitch weld with MIG, and it is easy to get Stack-o-dimes stitching that looks killer with this hood. Just easier in MANY situations.



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I would have to recommend the local dealer. I shop on ebay alot, but am always taking the risk (located in Canada) on items working. I have the Optrel Satellite, and absolutely love it. I am unsure of what Steve means by buy a brand name??? Optrel in my neck of the woods is well known, and is on the higher end of the scale. When I bought mine a couple years ago, the list was $625, and I think i paid roughly $550 tax in. If you buy a helmet from a local dealer, at least if it doesn't work, you can get a replacement from them right away, rather than go through the hassle and expense of shipping in the event the warranty is good to Canada.



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There can be some real benefits in cultivating a good relationship with a local supplier which could save you some time and money down the road. I wonder how much of the local dealer's time has already been donated to answer the original poster's questions about helmets. Billh

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