oxygen generators/ concentrators in Australia?


I need small amounts (less tyhan 8 psi of oxy from time to time for jewellry work

The idea of paying through the nose on bottle rental for a hobby is little unappealling... any alternative ideas?

I read about oxygen concetrators (PSA) but I have nto heard of them in australia...

Other ideas??

Thanks, Des

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Des Bromilow
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Buy a bottle and pay to have it refilled when needed ?...

Or: Buy disposable bottles like these:

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They sell the needed regulators and fittings for those bottle, and you probably need them :-)

Another option might be using hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2 ) and potassium permanganate ( KMnO4 ).. Mix the 2 and you get the following reaction: 2 H2O2 --> 2 H2O + O2... The permanganate just acts as a catalyst as far as I remember ( its been nearly 10 years since I looked at a chemistry book )..

BUT PLEASE: Check with someone who knows more about chemistry than I do before you start playing with this... and be aware that this does involve corrosive chemicals and some pretty nasty oxidisers that will fuel fires..

Problem here could be lack of pressure though..

I have seen a similar device that filters nitrogen out of the atmosphere, but those systems arent cheap and are usually only used in large industrial facilities.. I havent seen any "household" size systems

I'd stick with a bottle of sorts... The refillable bottles would be the most economic in the long run, but if its for a one-off you should either rent a bottle or use the disposable ones..


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Compressing the stuff to 8 PSI is left as an exercise to the very sophisticated student...


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