Plasma Welder

Has anyone ever heard of, seen, played with or otherwise feel like
rendering an opinion on a MultiPlaz-2500 Plasma Torch/Welder ???
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OK. I just surfing around the net and ran across this and it looks
kind of interesting. If you bother to read the manual they have a
section on what fluid to use for welding.
"To produce a quality weld seam the torch should be filled with water
alcohol-solution (55% of water and 45% of alcohol or regular vodka)."
Guess where this thing was designed: Russia.
Now I can just imagine the looks from the purchasing department when
one orders a case of "welding fluid".
... "Oh and by the way we need a couple of kegs of cooling fluid for
the machine shop as well."
Lewis Balentine
"Engineering is the art of planning and forethought."
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If you try a google groups search in the sci.physics.research and metalworking groups, you will find that: -indeed people have discussed this device -it's more efficient in cutting than in welding -harbour freight had the previous model for $600 at some point.
Some good keywords: alplaz (previous name), plasma and vodka, (bought and reviewed it),
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