Re: Tungsten slipping in collet

I have a 3/32 CKWorldwide wedge collet (in a CKW gas lens) that will not

> hold the tungsten. It used to but now I can reef on the back cap and get > the tungsten sort of tight but not really secure. In a few inches of weld, > the tungsten is loose again. > > I switched the offending collet out for a new one and it holds. I wonder: > do collets stop holding after some period of use? If so, what wears on > them? Does the tungsten abrade the inside wall of the collet? Or, does the > heat/cool cycle swell the collet? > > If my hypothesis about collets (they get bigger and thus 'wear out' through > use) is correct, then I wonder if gas lenses wear out too. > > Ciao, > David Todtman > >

Sounds like you just got a bad one. I have had this happen before. No big deal.

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Ernie Leimkuhler
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collets have a slot in them as new and the gap allows the collet to move in and grip the tungsten.After some use particularly at high currents the collets get hot and deform easily.I see many collets where the slot has disappeared and has twisted in the collet body or gas lens.Also important to ensure that the collet body or gas lens is firmly screwed into the torch head.

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Gwyn Phillips

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