REQ: flashback arrestor info

Does anyone make a small flashback arrestor with 1/4-inch NPT threads
on one end and male "B" hose threads on the other?
I would like to screw the flashback arrestor directly into the
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My guess is that they are made that way for a purpose. I do not understand that purpose, but have thought of it when I put arrestors on my regs and thought, "Why don't they just screw them into the regs. My guess is that the NPT may be a little more prone to leakage than the tighter fitting B threads.
Will wait for others to weigh in. I tend to like using regulator parts in the manner they were designed, even if it takes an extra fitting. It DOES make them stick out further, doesn't it?
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"SteveB" wrote in news:
Thanks for your reply.
The fitting in the regulator to attach the flashback arrestor (or hose) is an NPT thread so the manufacturers don't worry about that fitting leaking.
Sometimes these fittings are installed with VERY strong sealants. Maybe the manufacturers are afraid they will be too difficult to remove?
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