REQ: procon pump information

I have a very old procon pump that I would like to use for a torch
cooler. I sent an Email to procon but did not receive a reply.
The only markings on the pump are:
On the front of the pump (the same side as the nameplate) there is
HH7 stamped near the outlet and 10048 stamped in the center between
the ports.
On the back of the pump 591 is stamped near the output and MB is cast
in the center between the ports.
This is a bolt on pump. It does not have a relief valve or strainer.
Any information would be appreciated, especially a source for repair
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Dev Null
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That's what people use for tig coolers.
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Look in the Grainger catalog for a pump made by Procon that matches yous. Maybe this link has your pump.
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I built a TIG cooler using a pump/motor combo I bought from Grainger and I think the pump is a Procon. ERS
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