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In case anyone might be interested.

I have no knowledge of this welder or seller. Just passing on information.

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John Miller
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Hey John,

Thank you for that. A newby welder friend is looking high and low for one.


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IMHO While the SA200 is a great welder and one of my personal favorites, it is a very specialized tool and may be a poor choice for a newbie welder.

They are heavy by current standards, which may not be a factor when trailer mounted but is a concern for a truck mount. They are poor electric power generators and consume a lot of gasoline. They are not very versatile and are not a good power source for wire feeders or for high current applications like ArcAir. Since they do not offer AC, they are a poor choice for TIG welding aluminum.

Some would say that the SA300 is an even better DC generator but shares the same limitations as the SA200 in even greater quantity. Both are ~60 year old designs, which is both their greatest strength and weakness.

Just my .02 YMMV

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