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I watched a rerun of Southern Steel this morning on Discovery Channel and happened to notice at the end they displayed a message saying something like: In loving memory of Gary Woodford, 1953 - 2005.

If you've ever watched the show you know Gary as the older guy with the long ZZ-Top style beard that did nearly all of the metalworking and was fun to watch. The show includes a bit more actual metalwork than others and a bit less of the BS although the boss does get annoying at times. ;-)

Gary was obiously the most creative and impressive of the bunch. He seemed to have a really unique outlook on life. Once when he was having a tough time with something, rather than get pissed off and rant and rave like many of us might do he walked outside to find a 4-leaf clover. :-)

I'd never heard his last name and wasn't sure if he was the one mentioned so I did a Google search but didn't find anything. Then I tried

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and found that it was indeed him. He passed away just a couple of days ago but they don't say why.

Here's a link to a tribute to him:

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Best Regards, Keith Marshall

"I'm not grown up enough to be so old!"

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