shield neck from arc UV

Working in the UK, I can wear a boiler-suit most of the time while
Neck of boilersuit sometimes "un-pops", and even with overhang of
visor, can get a bit of a tan on neck. With general steel fab., lots
of twisting-around welding in awkward corners, etc. Moments when neck
catches UV?
What do you do to protect neck?
I was thinking - for motorcycle riding we have a stretchy tube of
fabric we call a "snood". Anything like that for welders?
Not a crisis, but would appreciate finding a good method.
Rich S
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Richard Smith
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I do most of my welding on a bench, and get similar issues. I use a cotton bandanna when I do anything beyond using a high collar shirt for welding. Usually, I just used the shirt though.
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How about a snood from a motorcycle shop? All you need is something comfortable that won't catch on fire -- so, a cotton snood rather than a poly-melts-into-your-skin-whatever snood.
I kinda like Bob's bandanna suggestion.
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Tim Wescott
Remove the cuff from a leather welding glove, cut it to fit covering your neck and attach it to the bottom of your weld shield. Let it hang loose so air can move through. Easy and quick.
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Phil Kangas

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