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Its a nice idea, a scaled down version could be very usefull. Who ever built that one spent a lot time on that project. To bad they let it get so rusty. Seems to be well thought-out.

Best Regards Tom.

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Howard Beal
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Yeah, but you can't beat milkcrates, 3/4" ply, and 1/8" HR sheet for convenience, portability....

I don't think anyone will be beating down his door at $1300..... He's in Las Vegas..... he can hump it over to The Old Man, Chumlee on PawnStars -- oughtta be inneresting...

Hey, and it looks like he had the pre-eminent sense to build it more than

30" high..... LOL
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Existential Angst

I do not see anything convenient or portable about that.


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Not to mention the impression made on clients and others when you plop down those stolen milk crates that are clearly marked "Property of ...".

Sgt Lumpy - n0eq

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Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke

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