Stick welding aluminum

Simply out of curiosity, I tried stick welding aluminum (1/8" pieces)
with DCEP, 100 amps, 1/8" electrode. I wanted to experiment.
To my surprise, I learned that if I drag the rod carefully, along the
seam, I receive a workable weld that would be good enough for a garden
ornament at least (not that I would trust myself to, say, weld an
aluminum trailer or something).
My only issue is electrode sticking to work too much. Maybe using a
strike plate would help?
Also, could it be that a weld would look better than it is in reality
(ie, no sticking of metal together)?
I am going to play with more aluminum scrap...
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Hows come you didn't mention what type of rod you used ??
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Mr Wizzard
The rod is called US Forge Aluminum, I bought it at Menards, our local home improvement chain.
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