Aluminum traffic signs

I scrounged some retired traffic signs that are 0.080" thickness and have
been trying to find a spec on the type of aluminum used. I believe its
recycled pot metal type stuff but does anyone know? Is it weldable with
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It is most likely 6061-T4, as that is about the cheapest useful aluminum around.
Quite weldable if you get it clean enough.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
real good guess Ernie!!!! I just finished a project for a company that supplies sign blanks to the city of Chicago and the spec was 6061
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Greg Postma
Hey Greg- Is that why you never returned my call! I could still use that anvil if you have any left. You had 500+1 things going on. I hope this filled the coffers up. Get the City check cashed before election!!
Call me sometime.
Fraser Competition Engines Chicago, IL.
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