Stupid Flippy Back on Head Gear

Ok, who like the stupid flippy back section on the newer welding helmet
headgear. I didn't like it at all on the Vulcan Helmet when I first got it
last weekend, but my son commented on it. He said he didn't like it until
he got used to it. Then I watched him set the helmet further back on his
head and pull it securely into place with one hand.. Oooooh! So after
adjusting the helmet for my head I tried it. Nice.
In the interim I sent a nasty gram to Lincoln about my failed helmet... and
they sent me a brand new Viking helmet. It has a 4 sensor large field lens
like the Vulcan. Its not identical, but it could have easily been assembled
in the same factory. It has the same flippy back section on the head gear.
By the time I took it out of the box I had gotten so used to the flippy head
gear that I would have been disappointed if it didn't. Its much nicer and
more in keeping with what I paid for my original Lincoln helmet.
I guess that flippy back section isn't so stupid after all.
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Bob La Londe
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