Sunny Anaheim

Hi guys. Learning to live in a hotel longterm. Lots of fun. Alaskan Airlines has really gone downhill. You have to buy food if you want a snack on a 3 hour flight. Just dumb. Seatac airport was a zoo on sunday. They lost my luggage for 27 hours. At least I have wireless broadband in my room.

I am checking the group through Google. I still hate their interface.

So if anybody feels like sharing some food, while I'm down here, email me. or call my cel 425-591-6816 We are done at Hellier by 5 pm each day. I have my Mag Particle test Tomorrow.


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--Is that like an MRI? Had one of those last week; very interesting. Hope you get better soon.

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Um, isn't a "mag particle test" also known as "Magnaflux" and used to inspect for cracks in welds and whatnot?

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Pete C.

The best time was my last 3 of 6 weeks in France - Bordeaux - weekends - all was wandering around and checking out the sights - in spite of the can't speak.. I could point and get money and got smiles.

I moved from a loop type hotel to a downtown 5 star Motel - by IBM. Once they realized where I was they paid for the switch. I was there to help and train them. Good engineers.

An indoor shopping center with food store and department store - three stories of window looking.

I found the VAT tax - value added tax - on English written books was out of sight. It was simply not French, tax the xxx out of it.

Good luck with the habitat!

Mart> Hi guys.

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Martin H. Eastburn

Hi Ed. I am studying to become a Non-Destructive Testing instructor at my school. This means 3 weeks of classes at Hellier International in Anaheim.

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I passed my Magnetic Particle test today, so I am now qualified to Mag Particle level 2. To be certified I now need many hours of using Mag Particle inspection equipment.

Thursday and Friday we do Dye Penetrant levels 1 + 2. Next week is level 1 Ultrasound, and the week after is level 2 Ultrasound.

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