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Works just swell on TIGging steel . While I was in Memphis last week I went by HF , swapped the old one for a new . The only way they could warrant it , because it was past the 90 day warranty , was for me to purchase the extended warranty . Cost me $14.19 for the warranty , and I'm covered for 15 months from the date I swapped . Now I need to practice practice practice on steel . -- Snag

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Snag, I'm stuck on my NexGenXQC (?). But I do have to admit that if it took a dump, or disappeared in the night like the last one, I am considering a HF for a replacement. At $300 a throw, I can go through a lot of HF helmets, extended warranty or no. Just do the math. Next time I'm in the big city, I am going to look at them and see if they will open up big enough to contain my massive brain space. (Something I have a problem with most helmets and/or headgear.


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If I was a "real welder" , ie someone who did this and only this for a living , I'd be much more likely to spend that kind of money on a helmet . But this is a small part of the overall business plan . So for now the $49.99 HF unit fills my needs .

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